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Welcome to my website! 

I love to connect with like-minded people; making the world a better place; exploring the world; admiring nature...

I work as a Social Responsibility Manager at the LEGO Group bringing 'Learning through Play' to children around the world.

About me

Questions I don't have an answer for, but would love to know more about:

  • Why do "sustainable" brands often have this "organic" look, which is not considered attractive by most people and therefore stay in a niche? 

  • Why do we do so little against climate change? 

  • Why is it so difficult to live plastic-free?

  • Why do we accept that many companies offer products that are very questionable for our health? 

  • What needs to be changed so that companies collaborate more to give customers the best solution instead of forcing them into their company's ecosystem? 

  • How can we integrate technologies into our daily lives to make them easier without data being collected for marketing purposes and maximum usage time as the main goal? 

Talk to me...

Currently I work in the social responsibility team at the LEGO Group. Previous, I worked in online marketing for LEGO and Louis Vuitton. I am educated in International Management and specialized in the field of sustainability within the Fashion industry. 

My personal interests are new technologies and how they can contribute to make the world a better place, exploring alternatives to our current system, and getting inspired by different cultures and places.

About me

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